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Wall Mount Cat Shelves Black

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CatsMode cat wall-mounted shelves let your felines climb even higher and keep them away from the door! A perfect addition to the home of a cat person, the honeycomb enables fluffy fellas to hunt, climb, jump, and explore while keeping...
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CatsMode cat wall-mounted shelves let your felines climb even higher and keep them away from the door! A perfect addition to the home of a cat person, the honeycomb enables fluffy fellas to hunt, climb, jump, and explore while keeping them safe from wildlife dangers.

We have a wide variety of colors – White, Black, Light, Dark Walnut, and Oak – all work well in any interior. Plus, the wall-mounted shelves for cats can be customized (upon your request only!) with geometrical, cat-like, or any other designs. Order 1, 2, or 3 wall-mount cat shelves simultaneously.

Don’t forget to check our cat wall bridges, cat stairs for wall, and cat beds on the wall that harmoniously look together, creating a safe and stimulating environment. Cat shelves wall mounted do not take up much space, offering unique advantages for small apartments.



All of the products are made of highest quality birch plywood and non-toxic paints.


17,7 x 15,35 x 10,6 inches (45 х 39,5 х 27 cm)


Hexagon comes unassembled. You will receive the product pieces, all the hardware and a printed assembly instructions. Please contact us in case of any issue or questions while assembling process, we're happy to assist you!



We ship worldwide! We cannot expedite international shipping or speed up the transit time/customs clearance process.We do not guarantee actual delivery dates. The shipping price is calculated during checkout and it depends on the weight of the product.


The amount of taxes depends on your country's laws. The fee can be about 30-60 USD. CatsMode is not responsible for them.


All the products are custom hand-made therefore we need 1-2 days for production. Standard shipping time is approximately 10-15 business days and depends on the courier.





1. What type of wall can you mount the сat shelves to?

You can mount the cat shelves on a variety of solid walls, including drywall or concrete. We provide two types of wall mounts in a set to ensure shelves’ compatibility with different surfaces.

2. What are the cat wall shelves made of?

The cat wall shelves are made of high-quality plywood. This material is known for its smooth texture, strength, and safety for cats. The plywood used in the manufacturing process is carefully selected to ensure a durable and secure platform for your feline friend.

3. How high should I put up my cat shelves?

The ideal mounting height for cat shelves depends on the cat's agility. For active cats, higher placements work well, while lower shelves suit those with mobility challenges. Consider adding the cat steps for the wall to create a customizable pathway for your cat, promoting both accessibility and stimulation.

4. Are the cat shelves easy to mount on the wall?

Yes, our cat shelves are easy to mount on the wall. We use reliable anchors for installation, and each order includes a detailed assembly manual. You can also find the instructions online. All you need for wall mounting is a screwdriver.

5. What are the dimensions of the cat wall shelves?

The dimensions of the cat wall shelves are 17.7 x 15.35 x 10.6 inches (45 x 39.5 x 27 cm).

6. Is there a weight limit for the cat shelves, and how much weight can they support?

Ensure that your furry buddy weighs no more than 10 kg since it is the maximum weight the cat shelves can support for optimal stability and safety.

7. Do the wall-mounted cat shelves come with all the necessary mounting hardware?

Yes, absolutely. All the necessary mounting hardware is included in the package for the wall-mounted cat shelves.

8. Can the cat shelves be easily removed without damaging the wall?

Certainly! One should, however, remember that cat shelves are mounted using anchors that require drilling the wall. As a result, the holes will remain once the shelves are removed. Nonetheless, the shelves can be easily taken down and repositioned multiple times without any issues.

9. Are the wall-mounted cat shelves suitable for indoor or outdoor use?

The wall-mounted cat shelves are designed exclusively for indoor use. Since wood is a natural material, it is sensitive to extreme temperature changes, high humidity, and weather conditions like snow or rain. Therefore, it is recommended to install the wall-mounted cat shelves indoors, where normal room temperature and humidity levels are maintained.
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