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CatsMode Story

We Believe in Cat-Human Bond

We Believe in Respect for Cat’s Personal Space

We Believe in Active Lifestyle

A Brief History of CatsMode

Highly skilled predators in pre-historic times, today’s felines are still in need of personal space where they dominate, hide, rest, and prey. With that in mind, we handcraft modern cat furniture that allows them to socialize of their own accord. It’s the haven to call their own where they climb, jump, explore, play, and have indoor adventures – all components of a healthy routine.


Let us introduce Sasha & Roma.

“Between scratchers, hanging toys, and boxes, kitties need more stuff, and we wanted to provide them with something that would serve as a source of entertainment, a place to hide, and motivation to stay active. Wall-mounted furniture was the answer,” – say proud owners of feline friends. They never get tired of coming up with new design ideas or improvements to the ones that already exist. 

Meet Roman.

A happy father of 4 and a cat. Between feedings, changings, and cleaning the litterbox, Roman is focused on the passion of his life – woodwork. “To handle a piece of wood, even to smell or look at it, is to receive a lot of ideas of how to create a quiet, safe space for cats,” says a master craftsman.

This is Alexander.

Entrepreneur and a brand lead. His cat Leo has already become part of online stardom! He often appears in the photos of our products while being a fluffy quality assurance expert (he’s the first to test all the new products before release). Alexander is a caring and loving owner. He exerts every effort to make our products of the utmost quality. Even if Leo rejects a particular product, he examines overall design, construction, and value to find out how the wood cat furniture can be improved to please its finicky users.

CatsMode Products Through the Years

2019 - First hexagon wall shelves

2020 - 2022 - More, more & more items


2024 - New ideas are flowing!

And even though we have already won many satisfied customers, partners, and friends all over the globe, we know that great accomplishments still lie ahead!

❤️With love, CatsMode❤️

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