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Cat Hexagon Shelf Dark Walnut
Regular price$117.90$58.95
Wall Climbing Steps for Cats
Regular price$29.00$14.50
Cat Wood Bridge Dark Walnut
Regular price$158.00$79.00
Hexagon Cat House
Regular price$275.78$137.89

Cat Walnut Wall Furniture Set

Looking for some functional and beautiful furniture that humans and felines will love? At CatsMode, we have a versatile option – the walnut cat wall furniture. Crafted from non-toxic and durable wood, every walnut cat bed, bridge, walnut cat hexagon shelf, or climbing steps set becomes a space-saving option for small homes.

Our cat walnut wall furniture set comes from the neutral palette that will complement any interior, providing kitties with space to explore and relax. Plus, mounted up high, the dark walnut cat furniture encourages increased activity that helps felines maintain a healthy weight.

You can buy our walnut cat furniture as a gift for your fluffy buddy or someone who loves cats like you do.

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