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Cat Wall Bed

Crafted with love, CatsMode floating cat shelves easily withstand the test of time, play, and sharp claws! Every cat wall bed is the result of creative work with the cats’ and their owners’ needs in mind. We know how important solo time is for felines. That is why we created a wall mounted cat bed that is firm and super sturdy, taking up zero space on the floor. The cat perch wall fits any type of interior/décor, from traditional and minimalistic to transitional, modern, etc. With a soft felt pad, the cat perch wall becomes a great spot for sleeping, hunting, or hiding from other domestic animals. For a decent price, the product comes with the best package to avoid shipping damage.
Cat Bed on Wall Light
Regular price$99.00$49.50
Cat Curve Wall Bed Black
Regular price$99.00$49.50
Floating Cat Shelf Perch Oak
Regular price$99.00$49.50
Sleeping Cat Pillow
Regular price$28.57$20.00
Cat Wall Hammock
Regular price$109.00$54.50
Floor Cat Hammock
Regular price$109.00$54.50
Cat Hammock Bed
Regular price$109.00$54.50
Cat Hammock Shelf
Regular price$109.00$54.50

Why Your Cat Will Love It

  • Felines have more freedom to explore ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
  • Keeping an eye on their territory and their “human”
  • A cat nest that always matches your feline’s mood

Why You Will Love It

  • More privacy for them means more privacy for you!
  • You get less nervous when helping cats adjust to a new home
  • Monitoring felines gets easier!


🤤 What is a cat perch wall?

Cat perch wall, also known as a wall-mounted cat bed or a floating cat shelf, is a specially designed cat furniture item that provides cozy resting spots for your feline companions on your walls. CatsMode cat perch wall offers cats a comfortable place to relax and observe their surroundings ♥.

😻 Can I combine floating cat shelves with other cat furniture?

Yes, wall mounted cat beds can be combined with other cat furniture like cat wall bridges, cat wall beds, and wooden cat houses to create a comprehensive feline playground. This allows you to cater to your cat's specific lounging and play preferences ♥.

🌞 What are the advantages of a wooden cat wall bed?

Wooden cat wall bed is lightweight, easy to clean, has a modern appearance, provides a natural look, and easily supports your cat’s weight. CatsMode wooden cat wall bed can blend well with contemporary home decor. You can always discover genuine and honest reviews from satisfied customers on our website ♥.

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