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Cat Steps for Wall

Wall Steps for Cats
Regular price$29.00$14.50
Cat Stairs for Wall
Regular price$29.00$14.50
Wooden Cat Stairs
Regular price$29.00$14.50
Wall Climbing Steps for Cats
Regular price$29.00$14.50
CatsMode cat steps for wall are a stylish and non-conventional way to give your domestic “tiger” a little more space to play, hunt, lounge, and inspect the environment. Crafted from earth-friendly wood, the cat wall stairs are designed to fit organically into any interior while not occupying a place on the floor. Do you have a multi-cat family? With the cat stairs on wall, every furry body will have its safe spot. To make all cat wall steps the comfest surface for your cat, highly recommend you cover it with thick felt (perfect to scratch and rest on!). For a decent price, you will get a sturdy and durable floating construction of White, Dark Walnut, Oak, Black, and Light color. The shipping is fast! Your kitties will get their paws on the stylish steps sooner than you know.

5 Reasons to Buy CatsMode Cat Wall Steps

With cat steps for wall from CatsMode, you provide your felines with an excellent solution for a safe, comfortable, and fun climbing experience. But there is more! We recommend installing wall stairs for cats to transform your home into a cat-friendly environment and provide your mouser with several benefits:

1. Perfect match with other products.

You’re welcome to purchase the whole set of cat furniture, while cat wall steps are an essential part of it.

2. Ideal fit to interior.

Our cat furniture blends seamlessly with any interior design and color scheme.

3. More space for exploration and movement.

One of the benefits of vertical space for cats is that it allows your pet to exercise while keeping them engaged and healthy.

4. Your furniture is saved from scratching.

With cat wall stairs at their disposal, felines have a personal spot for their natural behaviors like scratching. Thus, they’re discouraged from attacking your couch.

5. A hiding outlet.

Our cat stairs on wall give furry buddies a sense of security and an opportunity to hide from potential dangers like kids or other animals.


😻 What are cat steps for wall?

Cat steps for wall, also known as cat wall stairs, are specially designed shelves or steps that cats can use to climb and navigate vertically along the walls of your home. They provide exercise and enrichment for your feline friend 🟊.

🐾 Are cat wall steps suitable for all cat breeds and sizes?

Yes, CatsMode cat wall steps are designed to accommodate cats of various sizes and breeds. They are made from durable birch plywood and can support the weight of most cats. You can arrange them to suit your cat's climbing abilities. For your cat's comfort, we recommend purchasing a felt ✿.

🌳 What materials are used for cat wall steps?

Cat wall steps are made from the highest quality birch plywood and non-toxic paints. The choice of material can affect the aesthetics, durability, and ease of cleaning of the steps ★.

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