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Cat Stairs for Wall

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CatsMode cat stairs for wall are minimalist, sophisticated, and modern. Perfect as a gift for a cat person on House Warming or any other special occasion. The stairs make hunting, exercising, and resting more comfortable for a mini-predator. In addition...


CatsMode cat stairs for wall are minimalist, sophisticated, and modern. Perfect as a gift for a cat person on House Warming or any other special occasion. The stairs make hunting, exercising, and resting more comfortable for a mini-predator. In addition to the cat stairs wall system, you can easily add on an extra cat wall-mounted bed that is the ideal size for your feline to sit, lie, or squeeze in/out of.

Wall-mounted cat stairs come with a thick felt for your cat to sleep on. The material is quite forgiving to kitty’s claw marks.

You’re also welcome to add designs in the shape of geometrical figures or a cat’s face. You can even order your preferred color.

The best feature about the cat stairs on the wall is that they can be set up how you want to fit your space versatilely.



All of the products are made of the highest quality birch plywood and non-toxic paints. When purchasing cat steps, rest assured that they always come with a comfortable felt covering.


Cat step: 7,9 x 7,1 x 8,6 inches (20 х 18 х 22 cm)

Decagon step: 6,9 x 6,5 x 8,6 inches (17,5 х 16,5 х 22 cm)

Standard step: 9,4 x 4,3 x 9,8 inches (24 х 11 х 25 cm)


Steps comes unassembled. You will receive the product pieces, all the hardware. It is very easy to put our cat step together. Please contact us in case of any issue or questions while assembling process, we're happy to assist you!



We ship worldwide! We cannot expedite international shipping or speed up the transit time/customs clearance process.We do not guarantee actual delivery dates. The shipping price is calculated during checkout and it depends on the weight of the product.


The amount of taxes depends on your country's laws. The fee can be about 30-60 USD. CatsMode is not responsible for them.


All the products are custom hand-made therefore we need 1-2 days for production. Standard shipping time is approximately 10-15 business days and depends on the courier.





1. What are the cat steps for the wall made of?

The cat steps for the wall are made of high-quality birch plywood.

2. What's the weight limit for the cat steps for the wall?

The weight limit for the cat steps for the wall is 10 kg (22 lbs). It is essential to ensure that your feline friend does not exceed this weight limit to maintain optimal stability and safety of the cat steps.

3. Is there padding on the cat stairs on the wall for my cat's comfort?

Yes, there is padding. Each step has a securely attached felt covering, providing a soft and non-slip surface for your feline friends.

4. What are the dimensions of each cat stair on the wall?

The dimensions of each step are designed with an average domestic cat’s size in mind to provide a safe platform for your pet:

5. Can I customize the cat wall stairs to match my room's decor?

Certainly! CatsMode is thrilled to design unique and wonderful cat wall stairs for our customers. While we may encounter limitations in fulfilling every cat wall stairs request due to production constraints, we're eager to explore your ideas. We can provide customization options, including various colors and personalization with your cat's name on the cat wall stairs. Please share your thoughts, and we'll work together to make your vision of cat wall stairs a reality!

6. Are the installation instructions provided? Is any special equipment needed?

Yes! Every set of cat wall stairs comes with a comprehensive assembly manual, providing step-by-step instructions for your convenience. Additionally, you can access the assembly manuals online for the cat wall stairs. The package encompasses all the mounting hardware required to construct your cat wall stairs. You'll need a simple screwdriver to mount the cat wall stairs securely.

7. Are the cat wall steps easy to install?

Absolutely! Our cat wall stairs effortlessly find their place on your wall. We employ solid anchors for the installation, ensuring stability and security. Moreover, each order comprises a comprehensive assembly manual guiding you through the setup process of these exquisite cat wall stairs.

8. What type of wall can you mount the cat wall steps to?

Installing these cat wall steps is versatile and suitable for various robust walls, whether drywall or concrete. Each set comes with two types of wall mounts, ensuring the adaptability of the steps to various surfaces.

9. Are the cat wall steps suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Our indoor cat wall steps are meticulously designed to create a cozy indoor haven for your feline companions. Since wood tends to react to extreme temperature changes, heightened humidity, and outdoor elements such as snow or rain, we strongly recommend installing these wall-mounted cat steps indoors. This precaution ensures that the furniture is installed in an environment featuring standard room temperature and humidity, ultimately safeguarding its longevity and maintaining its exceptional quality.
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