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Wooden Cat Houses

Felines have the instinctive need to hunt, spend some time solo, scratch, and sleep, of course. For a fair price, you’ll get something your cat will happily dig their claws into while staying active and entertained. CatsMode indoor cat house is designed to fit your home’s décor (whatever it is!) and keep your furry buddy safe and relaxed when needed. With neutral tones, CatsMode wooden cat house will become an excellent addition to any room, blending flawlessly with other pieces of furniture. The cat house indoor doesn’t take up the floor space (small home’s owners, rejoice!) and can be personalized with your kitty’s name, your favorite quote, or a phrase that best describes your pet. We guarantee the timely shipping of every wooden cat house indoor, so let the climbing fun begin!
Hexagon Cat House
Regular price$255.71$179.00
Cat Wall Mounted Bed
Regular price$255.71$179.00
Wall Mounted Cat House
Regular price$255.71$179.00
Small Cat House
Regular price$255.71$179.00


🐾 What are wooden cat houses?
Wooden cat houses are charming and cozy structures designed to provide your beloved feline companion with a comfortable and secure space indoors. CatsMode wooden cat houses serve as a private retreat for your cat and can add a stylish touch to your home decor 🟊.
🐱 Can wooden cat houses indoor be used outdoors?
Wooden cat houses are primarily crafted for use indoors to guarantee their resilience and prolonged use. Nevertheless, if you possess a sheltered outdoor area characterized by low humidity and no direct sun exposure, you might contemplate utilizing them outdoors on a short-term basis, but exercising caution is crucial. Vigilantly observe their condition and ensure they remain stable and safe for your cat. Remember that prolonged exposure to the outdoors may result in wear and tear ❤.
🐈 What material are indoor cat houses made from?
CatsMode indoor cat houses are crafted from high-quality birch plywood. Birch plywood is chosen for its durability, strength, and attractive natural appearance, making it an ideal material for constructing comfortable and long-lasting cat houses. You can discover genuine and honest reviews from satisfied customers on our website ❣

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