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Let your cat have a purr-fect routine with our stylish bowl! The process of eating gets more comfortable – our wooden cat bowls have a suitable height for a healthy eating posture. Order personalized bowls with the name the cat’s name engraved on it for FREE! Our double bowls will provide fluffy gourmand with even more food!
We have durable wooden cat steps – a nice add-on for a cat house just like hand-finished minimalist wooden kitty seats. Our sustainable scratchers will help your cat cultivate healthy scratching habits and stay away from home furniture!
Let your kitty feel like a wild hunter with our cat bridge for wall (cat wall bridge) while jumping, climbing, or napping up somewhere high!
Cat Cushion Pillow
Regular price$22.86$16.00
Wall Steps for Cats
Regular price$29.00$14.50
Cat Curve Wall Bed Black
Regular price$99.00$49.50
Sleeping Cat Pillow
Regular price$28.57$20.00
Cat Stairs for Wall
Regular price$29.00$14.50
Wall Cat Walk Black
Regular price$158.00$79.00
Wooden Cat Stairs
Regular price$29.00$14.50
Cat Wall Bridge Light
Regular price$158.00$79.00
Cat Bridge Walkway White
Regular price$158.00$79.00

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