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How to Make Your Cat Happy

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90% of indoor cats report living a happy life (The remaining 10% just ignored the question). And the ultimate truth is that a happy cat creates happiness in its owners. At CatsMode, we believe it’s in your best interest to find out what makes cats happy and provide them with all it takes to raise their happiness levels and, as a result, strengthen the bond between you and a fluffbutt. From ideas for cats in small apartments to litter box upgrades, we’ll guide you on how to make your cat happy without spoiling them rotten.

Is My Cat Happy: Signs My Cat Is Happy

How do I know if my cat is happy? If you’re a cat person, it’s the question you have 100% wondered. If you haven’t found the answers yet, we’re here to dot all the i's. If you notice any of the ‘symptoms’ mentioned below in your furry buddy – congrats! You’re the owner of a happy mouser.

If the kitty looks relaxed and purrs when you pet it, it’s on cloud nine.


Felines spend nearly 70% of their lives sleeping. Happy felines sleep the right amount of time.


If they walk as if in the catwalk show with tails raised, they feel Zen right now.


A sign of affection, contentment, and relaxation.


Cheerful felines spend up to 50% of their day grooming themselves, other cats, and, well, even you. So no need to wonder about “signs my cat is happy” - just enjoy the cat-SPA.


If they choose any other alternative to it, chances are your pets are stressed.

signs my cat is happy

Things How to Make My Cat Happy

Is my cat happy? It is if you check out and employ some tried and tested hacks of how to make indoor cats happy below:

Cat wall shelves, beds, or any other pieces of furniture are sure to boost your feline’s indoor well-being.

Yes, we are serious. 99% of cats report liking it when you talk to them. So next time you wonder, “What can I do to make my cat happy?” have a quick conversation in a soft and calm tone.


A tired feline is a happy one, so use stuff like feathers, mice, battery-powered, and other toys to make them race around the house.


How to tell if my cat is happy? Check their appetite! When your furry buddy isn’t looking, hide their favorite treats so they find them later.


Well, why not? Usually when you think, “How to make sure my cat is happy?” you consider treats and toys. Now, make sure to throw a cat-themed party with the cat parents that you know, gathering at your place to shower your mouser with all kinds of attention.


Perhaps, you have already provided them with a cat house indoor or the whole white cat furniture set. Bravo! Add some vitamins in the form of cat grass that you can grow yourself.


When thinking, “How to make my cat happy?” owners usually forget that felines tend to form solid emotional bonds with their favorite humans. Thus, they react to various emotional states of their owners.

how to make my cat happy

As you can see, making a mouser happy is not a big deal. Now that you know how to make your kitty feel good make sure to meet their health needs. Because the basic rule is: a healthy cat is a happy cat too!


Your illustrations are so gorgeous! Just print them and put them on the fridge to remember all the time how to make my cats happy ♥

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