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Cat Chewing Toy

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Naturally, nocturnal creatures felines need to satisfy their instincts to move and play while you’re asleep. With CatsMode cat chewing toys, your furry buddy will be quietly busy while also improving their dental health. Handcrafted from earth-friendly pine wood, it...
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Naturally, nocturnal creatures felines need to satisfy their instincts to move and play while you’re asleep. With CatsMode cat chewing toys, your furry buddy will be quietly busy while also improving their dental health. Handcrafted from earth-friendly pine wood, it is coated with oil to guarantee a high wear resistance of the material.

Your cat is welcome to chew the sticks that will keep the curious pet interested for hours while your sofa is safe from fluffy invasions. If your vet recommended cat toys to prevent chewing, this is it! The chewy toys for cats help promote positive habits for little kittens and adult cats. We’re thrilled to inform you that all sticks in the cat toys for chewing can be replaced once the Whiskas predator chews them up.

All chewing cat toys can be personalized with the pet’s name and presented as a gift for any occasion for the cat parent in your life. We highly recommend combining it with a hexagon cat house and a curve wall-mounted cat bed.



Cat Chewing Toy is made of pine wood and comes ready to use. Simple put all the sticks into the board and let your kitty enjoy the play time.


length = 30,5 cm / 12"

width = 24,5 cm / 9,6"

height = 12,5 cm / 4,9"


The product is ready to use. You will receive the board and sticks. Insert wooden sticks and let your cat enjoy biting it instead of your cords!



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1. What are the cat chew toys made of?

The cat chew toys are made of natural pine wood, coated with an environmentally-friendly oil that protects the wood, ensuring its durability over time.

2. What are the dimensions of the cat teething toys?

The dimensions of the cat teething toys are as follows:

➤ Length: 30.5 cm / 12 inches

➤ Width: 24.5 cm / 9.6 inches

➤ Height: 12.5 cm / 4.9 inches

3. Are the cat teething toys suitable for kittens?

Yes. Cat teething toys are suitable for kittens aged three months and older. Kittens need to have appropriate chew toys like these to assist in their dental health development, alleviate teething discomfort, and provide mental stimulation, aiding their overall growth and well-being.

4. Can cat teething toys help with dental health for cats?

According to the American Veterinary Dental College, cat teething toys can indeed contribute to their dental health. Chewing on appropriate toys like CatsMode can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, promote healthy gums, and even alleviate potential dental issues such as gingivitis. However, cat teething toys must be of appropriate size and texture to effectively clean the teeth without causing damage.

5. Can the wooden sticks from the cat teething toys be removed and replaced?

Yes. The wooden sticks from the cat teething toys are replaceable. If the current ones become worn out or lost, you can easily reorder a new set of wooden sticks.

6. Do the chew toys for cats come pre-assembled?

Yes, the chew toys for cats come pre-assembled and ready to use.

7. Are there any recommended techniques for introducing chew toys for cats?

When introducing chew toys to cats, following these professional recommendations can help ensure a smooth transition and encourage your feline companion to embrace these toys for both mental stimulation and dental health benefits:

➤ Gradual Introduction: Gradually introduce chew toys to cats to encourage acceptance and usage.

➤ Placement: Initially, place the chew toys near areas where the cat spends most of its time, such as near its bed or favorite resting spots.

➤ Enhancing Appeal: Apply a small amount of catnip or tuna juice to the sticks to enhance their appeal to the cat.

➤ Supervision: Supervise initial interactions with the chew toys to ensure safety and monitor the cat's response.

➤ Monitoring: Monitor the cat's response over time, as most cats will naturally explore and begin using the chew toys, providing both mental stimulation and dental health benefits.

8. Are there alternative designs or variations of chew toys available for cats?

Yes. We can personalize our chew toys for cats by engraving them with your cat's name. We're also flexible with color changes. Furthermore, if you have a specific idea for a completely different custom design, we can also accommodate that and create it for you individually.

9. Have the chew toys for cats been tested or recommended by veterinarians or animal behaviorists?

Cat chew toys have been rigorously tested and highly recommended by reputable veterinary and animal behaviorist community sources. These recommendations stem from extensive research and analysis conducted by experts in the field, including studies published in:

➤ Renowned veterinary journals such as the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

➤ Endorsements from leading animal behaviorists affiliated with reputable institutions, like the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

Additionally, anecdotal evidence from fellow veterinarians and pet owners further supports the efficacy and safety of these chew toys in promoting dental health, alleviating boredom, and providing enrichment for cats of all ages.

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