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Why Do Cats Like To Be Up High: Benefits of Vertical Space for Cats

Written by: Cats Mode



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Professional climbers by nature, cats live their lives to the fullest indoors while being proud descendants of Proailurus. The first feral cat led the lifestyle of a real predator, climbing up high to efficiently hunt prey. Today, only Maine Coons have those little tell-tale signs of felines’ former glory while the rest of the species rock Instagram. However, sitting, sleeping, or climbing atop is still a way of life for mousers. Why do cats like to be up high? We’ll see it below, together with ways to arrange vertical space for cats to help them enjoy being above the rest of us.

Why Do Cats Like Heights?

You wonder about all those whys as they jump on curtains and screens. Surely, many of you ever thought about the ‘to get me mad’ reason. However, we at CatsMode know that the reality is slightly different.

Ancestral instincts.

Descendants of wild cats climbing trees to prey and survive, domestic toms are drawn to their prehistoric routine.

It’s fun!

Do cats like heights because it’s entertaining? Yes! Without adequate mental and physical stimulation, felines get bored fast, and, well, your curtains are among the first to suffer.

Quality alone time. 

If there are other animals in the house or you’re the owner of a mom cat, felines need time to temporarily escape their routine.

Why Is Vertical Space Important for Cats?

According to major findings of “A Systematic Review of Social and Environmental Factors and Their Implications for Indoor Cat Welfare” by the reps of the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, vertical vantage spots are crucial since they emulate hunting and let them enjoy the natural predatory sequence of pouncing, stalking, and chasing. Do cats like high places because they can be themselves? Of course!

How Much Vertical Space Do Cats Need?

There’s no specific amount of space that a furry buddy needs since different breeds and ages have different needs. As based on the “Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats” study by Meghan E. Herron and Tony Buffington from the Ohio State University, ‘window perches for wildlife observation’ are essential aspects of a rich indoor environment. How much space does a cat need? Well, in general, felines require approximately 18 sq. feet of indoor space.

Benefits of Vertical Space for Cats

Can’t find your cat? It’s most likely the little explorer is having a great time somewhere up high, exploring the cabinet space or checking if the shower functions properly. Why do cats like heights? It’s because height adventures come with some benefits:

Stress reduction.

Since kitties are territorial animals, well-arranged cat vertical space enables them to establish their territories in a room or the entire house. This, in turn, cuts off stress, cultivating calmness and safety.

Better mental health.

Felines are natural observants. Checking out their environment from up high, they engage their fluffy minds. This, in turn, inevitably prevents boredom and any other behavioral issues.

Superhighway workouts. 

By going vertical, you boost your feline’s physical health since their routine now includes jumping, balancing, and climbing vertical structures.

How Can I Increase My Cat Vertical Space?

Cats are naturally curious, mysterious, and energetic creatures, which means whatever you do to enrich their environment, they will be eager to explore their new playgrounds. How much space does a cat need to be happy? Whether you fit all your life into a small flat or enjoy your days in a big house, the tubby tabby will appreciate any effort you take to maximize vertical space.

  • 🐾Cat wall shelves. The most traditional example from the cat wall furniture category is a stylish and safe spot to rest, hide, and observe. Excellent option from the CatsMode brand to upgrade your feline’s routine without sacrificing your own comfort.
  • 🐱 Cat wall bridgesWhy do cats like heights? Because that’s where they can engage in species-typical behavior like climbing, hunting, and scratching. Wall mounted cat furniture helps create an environment that stimulates physical maneuvers.
  • 🐈 Cat steps for the wall. At CatsMode, we craft our products with the cat's mental and physical health in mind. The wooden steps for the wall provide feline pets with many routes to hide and avoid conflicts while keeping their paws and minds healthy.

  • 💛 Wall mounted cat houseMore extra space for play and exercise! Plus, a wall mounted hexagon is the other spot to isolate while being part of the action from a safe distance.
  • Cat bed on the wallWhy do cats seek elevated spaces for observation? It’s because, at the same time, they can relax and doze off curled up or stretched out in a cozy cat wall furniture set.

Being a cat owner is a rewarding and soothing experience. After all, you’ve got a lovely companion who’s always there. Providing you with tons of love and hours of entertainment, felines never ask for anything in return. But still, there’s something you can do! Offering them a rich environment where kitties don’t simply survive but thrive gives them much-needed comfort and security. Why do cats like high places mentioned above? Height helps establish both control and dominance of the whole space. And as you watch your fluffy friend climbing on their new superhighways, you know your curtains are no longer in danger.

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