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Ideas for Cats in Small Apartments

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So, you’re a happy owner of a feline friend and…questions come to your mind as you try to catify your home. “Is my apartment too small for a cat?” “Can keeping cats in small apartments result in a perfectly happy feline?” In one of our previous articles, “ Benefits of Vertical Space for Cats,” we’ve already figured out that a lot of cats can thrive in a small home. Moreover, many of them can actually feel abandoned in a huge penthouse. We’ve done some homework for you having investigated various cat-focused resources to find answers to questions like “Are cats OK in small apartments?” Plus, you’ll see what elements can be infused in the interior to make an apartment cat a happy cat.

Is It Cruel to Keep a Cat in a Studio Apartment

There’s no problem with having a cat in a studio apartment. After all, felines are small enough, which means they don’t take up much space and fit incredibly even in the tiniest apartment. Besides, cats are huge fans of boxes, and a little studio apartment will become nothing else than a giant box for a furry friend.

Plus, cats feel incredibly safe in a small feline-friendly apartment. And together with yummy foods, safety is one of the crucial elements of a happy life for cats in apartments.

Can Cats Live in Small Apartments

According to cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, there’s nothing wrong with having a cat in an apartment that is small. Felines can be perfectly happy in a small apartment since it’s not about the size of your home but what you actually do with it. The experts recommend avoiding hard-to-clean hiding spots by blocking entry points to underneath furniture. Instead, install shelves near the window to let them observe birds and squirrels. Get plenty of toys, and be there for them at the end of the day.

Can Cats Live in Small Apartments

Is My Apartment Too Small for a Cat

Based on the “ A Review of the Housing Requirements of Domestic Cats ” research, housing in a sterile and large setting can lead to apathy and boredom in felines. So, if you wonder how to have a cat in a small apartment, keep in mind that, basically, your mouser needs at least 200 square feet (18 square meters). According to the “ Practical Aspects of Design and Construction, and Adaptation of Existing Accommodation ” guide, to stretch out fully, tomcats need a minimum of 76–90 cm (30‒36 in), so you can arrange your space thoughtfully, knowing that.

3 Design Ideas for Cats in Small Apartments

Can cats live in small apartments? Now we know that, yes, they can. However, even though they tend to sleep most of the time, they have those sudden bursts of energy when you least expect them. With a cat living in a small apartment, you do have to arrange your space so that your pet is not bored when awake. At CatsMode, we have devoted feline fans who design and handcraft quality cat furniture for small spaces.

Excellent to save horizontal space and keep your kitty perfectly entertained, wall-mounted shelves are on top of the best ideas for cats in small apartments. Durable and eco-friendly, they provide more space to keep cats amused and occupied.

modern cat wall shelves CatsMode

Can a cat live in a studio apartment? Absolutely, if there’s a comfy bed installed up high! Being a great observation post, our wooden beds are also a safe place to hide and rest if there are kids or other pets at home.

cat wall beds CatsMode

Living in a small home can be quite crowded for a feline. That’s why wall-mounted steps are among the best cat apartment ideas to save space and promote an active lifestyle in felines.

steps for cats CatsMode

Is it cruel to keep a cat in a studio apartment? The answer is no. Furry tails spend most of their time snoozing or sleeping, which proves the most important thing for a cat is to feel safe and loved, close to its favorite human, no matter what size the home.

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