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Cat Wood Bridge Dark Walnut

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How about building a superhighway for felines? With the CatsMode wooden cat bridge, your indoor predator will explore, exercise, and play. It lets their inner hunter out and safely interact with other pets at home. And all this is without...
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How about building a superhighway for felines? With the CatsMode wooden cat bridge, your indoor predator will explore, exercise, and play. It lets their inner hunter out and safely interact with other pets at home. And all this is without interrupting your daily routine! The wood and rope cat bridge has a stair at the starting/ending point covered with felt to help fuzzy and furry friends feel more comfortable.

Each bridge is 48,8 inches long, enough to enjoy the indoor wildlife yet only takes up a little wall space (and none on the floor!). The cat wood bridge can be crafted in various shades, so you’ll find something aesthetically pleasing in your interior. Combine it with a CatsMode cat bed on the wall and a sleeping cat pillow.

Finally, wood and rope cat bridge and walk will keep kitties out of reach of toddlers and dogs. Priceless!



All of the products are made of highest quality birch plywood and non-toxic paints.


If hung straight size is 57 x 4,3 x 9,8 inches (145 х 11 х 25 cm).

Please note the you can adjust the length during assembly.


Cat bridge comes unassembled. You will receive the product pieces, all the hardware and a printed assembly instructions. Please contact us in case of any issue or questions while assembling process, we're happy to assist you!



We ship worldwide! We cannot expedite international shipping or speed up the transit time/customs clearance process.We do not guarantee actual delivery dates. The shipping price is calculated during checkout and it depends on the weight of the product.


The amount of taxes depends on your country's laws. The fee can be about 30-60 USD. CatsMode is not responsible for them.


All the products are custom hand-made therefore we need 1-2 days for production. Standard shipping time is approximately 10-15 business days and depends on the courier.





1. What are the cat bridges for the wall made of?

The cat bridges for the wall are made of high-quality birch plywood.

2. What is the width of the cat bridge?

The cat bridge for the wall has a width of 25 cm (9.8 inches), providing ample space for cats to traverse comfortably. This width is carefully designed to ensure both cats' adequacy and safety during use.

3. What is the weight capacity of the cat wall bridges?

Ensure your feline friend doesn't exceed 10 kg in weight, as this is the maximum load that the cat bridge for the wall can accommodate to ensure optimal stability and safety.

4. Do you offer any customization options for the cat wall bridge?

Certainly! We're excited to design something unique and wonderful for our customers. While we may encounter limitations in fulfilling every request due to production constraints, we're eager to explore any ideas you may have. We can provide customization options, including various colors and personalization with your cat's name. Please share your thoughts, and we'll work together to make your vision a reality!

5. Are the installation instructions provided? Is any special equipment needed?

Each elevated cat walkway includes a detailed assembly manual. You can also find the assembly manuals online. The package includes all the necessary mounting hardware for the cat wall bridge. All you need for wall mounting is a screwdriver.

6. Are the cat wall bridges easy to install?

Yes, our cat wall bridges are easy to mount on the wall. We use reliable anchors for installation, and each order includes a detailed assembly manual.

7. What type of wall can you mount the elevated cat walkways to?

You can install the elevated cat walkways on various sturdy walls, whether drywall or concrete. A set of two types of wall mounts is included to guarantee the compatibility of the shelves with different surfaces.

8. Are the cat wall bridges suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Our cat wall bridge is specifically crafted for indoor use. Since wood is naturally sensitive to drastic temperature variations, high humidity, and outdoor elements like snow or rain, it is advised to install the wall-mounted cat bridge indoors. This ensures the furniture is placed in an environment with standard room temperature and humidity, preserving its durability and quality.

9. Can the cat wall bridges be easily removed without damaging the wall?

Certainly! It's important to note that installing cat shelves involves using anchors, which necessitates drilling into the wall. Consequently, there will be visible holes once the shelves are taken down. Nevertheless, the shelves can be easily removed and repositioned multiple times without any difficulties.
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